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Case Studies

Revolutionizing Radiology Workflows Through Digital Transformation

Medicom’s Transformative Impact on Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers

With a diverse oncology network, robust Integrative Services, dedicated research programs and a growing Women’s oncology program, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers (ICRC) has expanded to 15+ locations across the United States.

"Medicom checked all of our boxes and is far superior than the other vendors we considered. Ever since the in-person onboarding, they have worked by our side, accommodating our every need. If a problem arises, we can go directly to their team for a solution, they are easy to talk to and quick to respond. Medicom just gets it - They truly are an extension of our team."

260% Growth in network connections since implementing Medicom in 2019


Physical Media and VPNs – 

Ironwood had a significant amount of priors in the form of physical media, often delaying treatment due to difficulties opening CDs/DVDs. For patients referred from health systems with VPN connections for image exchange, establishing new connections with those sites was slow and labor intensive and offered unreliable and clunky workflows.

Multiple Cloud Providers –

Interfacing with multiple cloud vendors for image exchange was most commonly caused:

  • Inaccurate patient matching
  • inconsistent workflows across various cloud providers


Medicom Connect: ImageX, Patient Link and UpLink for locating patient priors and sharing them securely

Workflow Automation: Auto order generation and Auto Retrieval of priors to assist with out of network image sharing


Image Exchange
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Expedited image delivery to radiologists

Enhances patient care by expediting comparisons and minimizing report addendums

Streamlined workflows

Better staff time management, enabling a focus on high-quality patient care

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Cost Savings

Decreased reliance on physical media and manual workflows, improving operational efficiency

Scalability and Connectivity

Medicom enhances collaboration with external care teams for Ironwood

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Medicom + Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers Case Study