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4 Steps to a Successful Digital Health Platform Strategy

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4 Steps to a Successful Digital Health Platform Strategy

"Healthcare providers are accelerating digital transformation in response to continual industry disruption and uncertainty. This research highlights four essential steps for success that healthcare provider CIOs should follow when pursuing a digital health platform approach."

Key Findings from the Gartner Report:

  • Existing healthcare IT and data architectures have led to poor user experience, data silos, technical debt and a general lack of enthusiasm for technology, so change is needed.
  • In order for the digital health platform (DHP) architectural approach to deliver positive digital experiences for patients and clinicians, there first needs to be a strategy aligned with organizational priorities that is embraced by many stakeholders.
  • Digital strategies are often written and forgotten about, which causes problems when new business ideas and urgent responses are needed. This results in a complex or lagging architecture and the inability to respond quickly and effectively to healthcare delivery organization (HDO) demands.

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Gartner, 4 Steps to a Successful Digital Health Platform Strategy, Andrew Meyer, Reviewed 23 March 2023, Originally Published 20 September 2021

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