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About Us

Who Are We?

Medicom is a healthtech company dedicated to creating innovative solutions for patients, health systems, and life sciences. We help health systems eliminate manual processes associated with exchanging medical images, reports and orders with our enterprise exchange platform.

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Connecting Healthcare Information

We created the first federated health information network: a powerful platform that connects disparate data silos through a single interface. The value of a health information network is dependent on the willing participation of providers, hospitals, and imaging centers in a community.

While technology can support the adoption of health information networks — from large hospitals and IDNs to private practices alike — the technology on its own has little to no value. Many medical image sharing solutions and health information networks are implemented within an organization’s walls, without considering how to support and connect providers in the community.

Medicom has taken the unique approach to better serve providers by building health information networks with service and support organizations that are experts on their local communities. These service and support organizations provide local resources to hospitals around the United States, with teams who are familiar with their customers, and able to quickly and efficiently establish community-based solutions.

Medical Professionals
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Our Mission

Healthcare is a basic human right. Our mission is to reverse a century-long path towards increased waste by aggregating relevant clinical information.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every human has access to high-quality, affordable, information-driven healthcare.




After an extensive search we felt that the Medicom health network delivered the most complete access to sharing of medical images and reports. They also demonstrated an expansive list of currently connected Montana healthcare organizations which will expedite implementation with an affordable model to obtain the value we seek from our investment.

Ben Tyrrell

Chief Executive Officer Of Big Sky Care Connect


Ever since the in-person onboarding, they have worked by our side, accommodating our every need. If a problem arises, we can go directly to their team for a solution, they are easy to talk to and quick to respond. Medicom just gets it - They truly are an extension of our team.

Jordan Lopes

IT Applications Manager of Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers


Out of all the vendors I’ve worked and communicated with in the past 28 years in the imaging informatics realm, Medicom has come the absolute closest to fulfilling all their promises to us. Most vendors promise you the moon and you get nothing, but with Medicom, there have been zero complains made by our staff. They commit to what they say they'll do – It’s remarkable.

Confidential Client

Medicom Founders

In 2015, Michael Rosenberg and Malcolm Benitz co-founded Medicom Technologies at North Carolina State University. Leaning on many advisory relationships with medical professionals as well as their own experiences as patients navigating the healthcare system in the U.S., they began developing the first federated health network to address the resounding challenges in healthcare interoperability.

Michael Rosenberg
Michael Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Michael is passionate about approaching any challenge with tenacity – leading beside his team with a unique combination of robust technical understanding, industry knowledge and business acumen. An industrial engineer by training and at heart, he is dedicated to proactively creating ecosystems where healthcare data requirements for the continuation of care, research and direct patient access are enriching and delightful elements within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.
Malcolm Benitz
Malcolm Benitz

Malcolm Benitz

President & Co-Founder

Malcolm is paving the way forward for growth and innovation at Medicom. Since co-founding in 2015, he has led the legal and compliance, finance, and marketing initiatives within the organization. Malcolm’s own experience as a patient impacted by a preventable lapse in continuity of care as well as his close personal connections with many healthcare professionals has been the inspiration behind his efforts.

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