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Medicom Connect

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Medicom Connect, a fully federated, decentralized health network enables interoperability among disparate silos of healthcare data, allowing information on the network to be efficiently and securely searched and shared.

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Facilitate the sharing and accessing of disparate data through a single, vendor-agnostic platform that leverages existing systems in place.

Medicom Connect

Automate manual processes for locating, accessing, and sharing critical health data.

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Eliminate less secure and inefficient methods previously used such as VPNs, CDs, and cloud transfer solutions.

Connecting Health Information

Medicom Connect Products

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Health information is exchanged across disparate networks using encrypted, peer-to-peer conduits

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Patient Link

Allows patients to view, download, and share their images and reports

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Provides patients with the ability to securely upload past data to their next point of care

Elevate Workflows + Empower Better Patient Outcomes