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Research Assistant

Research Assistant enables a user to query PACS for the desired type of medical images – Research Assistant allows users to categorize the image using DICOM tags.

Users can also execute a query using keywords found in reports. Example Tags:


Modality Equipment Name

Body Part

Study Description

Protocol Name

Requested Procedure Description

Scheduled Procedure Step Description

Patient Age

Compliant, Automatic, Bulk De-identification

Burned in PHI Removal

Any burned in PHI are removed using a customized implementation where blackout zones are identified on an image defined by a health system user from each modality.

Research Assistant contains multiple safeguards to ensure that all PHI has been stripped from the DICOM header and removed from images, including:

HIPAA Privacy Compliance

Medicom complies with and de-identifies all data in accordance with ยง161.514(a)-(c) of the HIPAA Privacy Rule.


Images that fail our quality control mechanisms are held in Checkpoint for manual review.

Checkpoint groups images based on reason for quality control failure and another identifier (usually modality).

Sanitization of Identifying Information

DICOM tags and text containing individually identifiable data are sanitized in our automated process – fields are extracted and replaced with randomly generated characters.

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This research platform enables the collection and de-identification/anonymization of longitudinal health information. It leverages ImageX building blocks for seeking and accessing information to meet research specification.

Elevate Workflows + Empower Better Patient Outcomes