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“Care is moving to new venues, and consumers and patients continue to be engaged in new ways, enabled by advancing technologies and innovative vendor solutions. Healthcare provider CIOs should use these predictions to prepare for continued healthcare access and affordability challenges.”

Report Recommendations

Healthcare provider CIOs focused on digital transformation and innovation:

  • Establish a compelling business case for DFD investment with a narrative that sets forth the patient engagement, experience and clinical advantages of a holistic, personalized and orchestrated digital patient journey.
  • Reduce unnecessary and expensive urgent care and emergency department visits by remote monitoring, triage and virtual care technologies. These same technologies will better inform and expedite those visits that are necessary.
  • Disrupt and transform healthcare supply chain logistics by making them more situationally aware, collaborative, smart, real-time and clinically integrated.”

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Gartner, Predicts 2023: Changing How Healthcare Provider Services and Operations Are Delivered, By Barry Runyon, 5 December 2022

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