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Medicom Overview


Healthcare Equity by
Eliminating Silos

As the first federated health information network, we’ve created a streamlined architecture that aggregates health data in a single, simplified, highly-secure interface.

We’re on a mission to provide every individual with equal access to information-driven healthcare.

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Data Solutions for

Healthcare, Government, &

Life Sciences


Patients Solutions

Enable your patients with secure tools to share their information electronically with any healthcare provider. Patients can skip a visit to medical records to pick up CDs and paper copies of their records and share them with any provider electronically.


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Our Fast Growth and Footprint

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Security & Privacy

are Core Principles

The highly sensitive nature of healthcare information makes security our primary concern. Our technology maintains the highest level of integrity, allowing us to ensure that every image, record, or piece of data we manage is as secure and private as possible.

GartnerĀ® Report: Healthcare

and Life Science Business

Driver: Total Experience Transformation

“Healthcare and life science organizations face mounting pressure to improve their consumer and employee experiences and can achieve both goals by applying a total experience strategy. CIOs can use these insights to make total experience transformation a strategic investment imperative.”

Download the free report to find out how strategic technology is changing the healthcare and life science space.