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Medicom's Partnership Empowers Clients to Accelerate Dedication to Health and Healing Across the Midwest

Medicom serves as a key partner for one of the nation’s largest integrated health systems. They are committed to advancing genomic medicine, providing senior care and services, managing global clinics and conducting research. Headquartered in the Midwest, the health system comprises close to 50 hospitals, a network of almost 3,000 physicians, and 200 senior care locations across 26 states and 8 countries.

In adherence to privacy regulations, the client, whose identity is confidential, has opted for anonymity in this case study.

"The providers that are wanting to view the information or view the imaging, it's at their fingertips. It's there and it impacts the [health system] in a big way!"

Nearly 300,000 annual exchanges from 100 Medicom Network Connections


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Streamlined Connectivity

Eliminated VPNs, Improving connectivity to Veterans Medical Centers.

Automated Imaging Exchange

Replaced CDs and cloud sharing with an automated platform for image exchange.

Efficient Data Management

Implemented Medicom Intellect for streamlined data collection and de-identification.

Partnership Results

Single Enterprise-Platform –

Transitioned to a single enterprise-platform for exchanging radiology and imaging data.

Elimination of CDs, VPNs, and Cloud Sharing – 

Replaced CDs, VPNs, and cloud-based image sharing with automated ingestion platforms.

Efficient Sharing Platform-

Created a platform for sharing images, reports, and orders with outside referrers and patients.

Improved Critical Exam Handling –

Introduced a user interface for efficient queue and prioritization of critical exams, such as trauma cases.

Enhanced Research Opportunities – 

Facilitated the process of receiving images outside the network for research opportunities, advancing AI algorithm validation with 3rd party technology vendors.

Critical Images for Radiation Oncology – 

Included a system for receiving critical images for patient referrals in Radiation Oncology.

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Medicom + Confidential Client Case Study