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Medicom Client Adopts Modern Approach to Medical Image Exchange Resulting in Improved Patient and Clinician Satisfaction Confidential

Originally partnered in 2019 and later selected as the preferred imaging vendor, Medicom has been instrumental in assisting a healthcare system with over 15,000 personnel, including 2,200 physicians and practitioners. The decision was driven by Medicom’s cost-effectiveness, well-defined path from purchase to implementation, proven technology with successful Veterans Healthcare Administration implementations, and positive user experiences through image exchange with Medicom customers.

In adherence to privacy regulations, the client, whose identity is confidential, has opted for anonymity in this case study.

“The search team had a very specific set of criteria to meet when selecting a vendor, and Medicom was able to execute on all expectations. From boosting physician satisfaction by automating manual image exchange processes and effectively resolving connectivity issues with smaller providers, Medicom identified many process enhancements that decreased IT overhead and elevated patient satisfaction by ensuring better continuity of care."

Nearly 200,000 annual exchanges from 60+ Medicom Network Connections


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Efficient Image Sharing:

Streamline image sharing, serving as a single interface engine, eliminating the need for multiple cloud gateways and VPNs.

Physician Convenience:

Automate the matching and updating of patient IDs for incoming studies, reducing the need for manual reconciliation.

Enhanced Patient Image Sharing:

Enhance patient access and satisfaction, allowing them to view, share, and download their images seamlessly.

Streamlined Mammography Handling:

Create a secure conduit for each study, preventing congestion and re-sending of studies, efficiently handling large files.

Partnership Results

Efficient Image Exchange –

Achieved through a centralized platform, enhancing speed, reliability, and reducing IT overhead.

Physician Convenience –

Streamlined workflows and automated order matching increase satisfaction, minimizing manual efforts and human errors.

Effective Mammography File Handling –

Improved management of large files, preventing re-sending and enhancing reliability in mammography data transfer.

Scalable Connection –

Created accessible collaboration, lowering resource requirements for smaller providers without resource-intensive VPNs.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction –

Realized through a modernized image-sharing approach, streamlining real-time access to priors for improved patient preparation.

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Medicom + Confidential Client Case Study