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Case Studies

A Methodical Approach to Automating Image Exchange & Modernizing Patient Records Management:

Bellin Health’s Path to Success with Medicom

Bellin Health is a distinguished healthcare delivery system renowned for its advanced heart care, and various specialized Health Groups. It’s also the official healthcare provider for the Green Bay Packers, known for exceptional patient care and outcomes.

“Our initial goal of moving away from exchanging images via physical media has been very successful with Medicom. Now, we are working toward more advanced adoption of automated workflows and are starting to see the positive results. I am really looking forward to further automation with Medicom and the impact it will have on our bottomline, and more importantly on our patient care."


Challenges in Patient Prior Collection – 

Bellin faced appointment delays due to incomplete imaging data, requiring extra manual work. Staff spent resources retrieving external reports, especially in Oncology and Orthopedics.

Manual Workflows, Storing Images – 

Bellin’s costly couriers and VPNs undermined cost-saving goals. Temporary image storage hindered care, requiring manual retrieval. Limited imaging history could harm outcomes by constraining understanding.

Continuity of Care and Scheduling Gaps

Bellin staff spent 3 hours daily contacting patients, affecting efficiency. With 26,000 annual mammograms, care continuity suffered, causing delays and dissatisfaction, straining physicians.


In order to remedy the operational, administrative, and clinical disruptions Bellin experienced due to their image exchange workflows, Medicom introduced a comprehensive set of tools aimed at modernizing their processes. By implementing ImageX, Patient Link, and UpLink, Medicom addressed several pain points and paved the way for further transformation within Bellin. As a result, Bellin experienced significant returns on investment in various areas:

  • Retrieving images became seamless without manual efforts, eliminating image storage needs and reducing manual work.
  • Medicom Smart Search improved efficiency, saving hours spent on external prior image retrieval.
  • Bellin providers accessed relevant images swiftly through Medicom, enhancing referral preparation and providing comprehensive patient insights by bridging medical image and health data gaps.
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Efficient Image Exchange Reduces Patient Friction

130% increase in electronic image exchanges

Automating Manual Workflows Eases Operational Burdens

Bellin staff reallocated time and resources, improving overall employee satisfaction

Access to Imaging Empowers Physician Care

Medicom Connect tools minimized scheduling delays and appointment disruptions

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Medicom + Bellin Health Case Study