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Case Studies

Efficient and Secure Data Access for Advanced Clinical Research

Medicom Intellect’s Impact on Arizona Oncology

Arizona Oncology is a statewide multispecialty practice with Medical, Radiation, and Surgical Oncologists serving Arizona for over 30 years. Their depth and breadth of clinical volume, together with uniformity of clinical documentation, allows them to deliver high quality data in any oncology or oncology related patient population. They forged a partnership with Medicom in 2022.

"Medicom Intellect empowers Arizona Oncology to seamlessly search and retrieve cases through Medicom Marketplace, without access to PHI. Selecting and transferring de-identified medical images and clinical data to research partners saves countless hours of human effort that would have otherwise been spent on manual sorting and de-identification. Medicom intellect improves our efficiency and cost effectiveness in both clinical trials and real world evidence studies."


Acquiring and managing top-tier, de-identified datasets for AI algorithm training or advanced clinical research demands expertise and resources that many companies lack, increasing the likelihood of privacy and compliance risks when dealing with sensitive, personally identifiable information.


Medicom’s collaboration with companies that need high quality, real-world evidence datasets eliminates the need for health systems, like Arizona Oncology, to actively seek research partners or data buyers.

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Automatically de-identify large amounts of data without the risky manual methods.

Safely and securely de-identify studies on-site, maintaining organizational control and oversight.

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Securely transmit data sets through Medicom Connect encrypted conduits, which is approved for use by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Strategically position organizations to safely and securely monetize data by Medicom developed collaborations.

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Medicom + Arizona Oncology Case Study