Simple & Intuitive Data Acquisition

Not everyone’s on the same network or using the same systems as you, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the data you need.

Send off-network providers and new patients a link, and let Medicom handle the rest.

Uplink Screenshot

UpLink Features

Data AcquisitionSponsoredStandardAssistant

Generate unique upload links for patients to securely upload prior exams.

Set an expiration policy for unique upload links.xxx
Automatically upload data from CD, DVD, USB, or Hard Drive.xxx
Restricts patients and providers to upload only JPEG or DICOM images.xxx
Converts JPEG images to DICOM images for easy ingestion into PACS.xxx
Allows users to write patient demographic information for JPEG images.xxx
Comprehensive audit log for security and compliance.xxx
Upload links are accessed through a standalone portal.xxx
Standalone portal supported on all major browsers.xxx
Generate unique upload links when electronically requesting prior exams.xx
Generate unlimited UpLink access codes.xx
Patients and providers have access to dedicated Medicom support.xx
Define custom rules to normalize inbound data.xx
Include a patient's release of information.xx

Workflow AutomationSponsoredStandardAssistant
Automate distribution of access with existing patient portals.x
Automate distribution of access with existing scheduling/registration portals.x
Automatically reconcile inbound data.x