Patient Link

Empower Your Patients

Let your patients electronically view, share, and manage their own imaging history.

PatientLink Login Screen

Patient Link Features

Patient EmpowermentSponsoredStandardAssistant
Patients can access their data through a standalone patient
Standalone portal supported on all major
Patients can view, download, and share images/
Patients can burn their own disc or save their data to a USB flash
Data burned on a disc or saved on a USB flash drive includes an HTML
Patients can fax or securely email their data to off-network
Patients can securely email access to family or
Patients can send their data to any Medicom Network
Patients can view their reports and images in a web
Patients can create an account to consolidate all of their exams and
Patients have access to dedicated Medicom patient support.xx
Patients can access their reports in DICOM Structured Reporting format.xx
Distribution Benefits for ProvidersSponsoredStandardAssistant
Manage patient access through Medicom's native audit trail
Control when patient access codes become
Set an expiration policy for patient access
Staff can distribute access codes using secure email, fax, or hard
Staff can generate unlimited patient access codes.xx
Facilities can list a contact number associated with the access codes for help.xx