Standardized Health Record Exchange

In all care settings, physicians have few reliable options for gaining access to prior clinical information. Inconsistent access to prior clinical information delay patient access to appropriate medical care and increases health systems’ administrative overhead.

We are bringing the core technology and engineering principles we have used to standardize diagnostic image exchange over to the health record exchange.

Screenshot of the outside facilities screen

A Complete View of Patient History

Streamline Patient Record Acquisition

Locate and retrieve relevant clinical information from the community before a patients' appointment. Bring the full patient view into your EHR — with a fully automated system to locate, retrieve, and reconcile outside patient records.

Standalone or Integrated View

Quickly access patient records and view a comprehensive narrative with Continuity's Web Portal. Continuity integrates with your EHR to interweave outside clinical data with existing clinical documentation.

Create Better Patient Experiences

Patients expect their care providers to have their health records at all points of care. Seeing the full patient view connects providers with the information necessary for delivering exceptional care.

Calculate Clinical Risk

Medicine is moving at a new pace, and we believe that technology should help medical professionals make decisions in a meaningful and insightful way. We are using anonymized metadata from Continuity to feed our artificial intelligence algorithm; this algorithm will suggest clinical trials and research studies that relate to patients. Eventually, helping doctors formulate treatment plans.

A Single View

Consolidate information from across organizations, no matter the vendor. Continuity brings together structured and unstructured data into a single platform for viewing and sharing.