Solutions for Patients

Patients are enabled with tools to share their information electronically with any healthcare provider. Patients can skip a visit to medical records to pickup CDs and paper-copies of their records and share with any provider electronically.

An Antiquated Acquisition Process

The Problem

A typical process for acquiring prior patient exams will include:

  • Calling all the patient’s providers
  • Requesting the patient’s images
  • Providing proof of patient consent of sharing images
  • Waiting to receive patient data in the form of a CD. 

Providers find themselves needing to manually locate prior studies/exams for patients, which is often provided in the form of CDs. Uploading from a CD to PACS can take up to a full business day, delaying a practitioners’ access to images.

Increasing Patient Satisfaction

Our Solutions


Health information is exchanged across disparate networks using encrypted, peer-to-peer conduits

Patient Link

Allows patients to view, download, and share their images and reports


Provides patients with the ability to securely upload past data to their next point of care

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