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Medicom provides a comprehensive solution for capturing, curating, and delivering datasets for machine learning, research, and precision medicine. De-identify structured and unstructured data from PACS, VNA, RIS, and EMR.

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Bulk De-Identification of Clinical Data

HIPAA Privacy Compliance

Medicom complies with and de-identifies all data in accordance with §161.514(a)-(c) of the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Sanitization of Identifying Information

DICOM tags and text containing individually identifiable data are sanitized in deepMed’s automated process - fields are extracted and replaced with randomly generated characters.

Burned in Phi Removal

Any burned-in PHI is removed using a customized implementation where blackout zones are identified on an image defined by a health system user from each modality.

deepMed contains multiple safeguards to ensure that all PHI has been stripped from the DICOM header and removed from images, including:

  • Checks on image size,
  • OCR (optical character recognition) scans for text, and
  • Detection of image boundaries.

Images that fail deepMed’s quality control mechanisms are held in Checkpoint for manual review.

Checkpoint groups images based on the reason for quality control failure and another identifier (usually modality).

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