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Medicom automates manual processes for locating and accessing prior clinical information. Healthcare providers rely on Medicom to reduce administrative overhead and improve physician satisfaction.

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Establishing Connectivity is Expensive

The Problem
  • Clinics spend over $5,000 for skilled technical staff to establish HL7 interfaces every time they want to connect with outside facilities
  • A VPN connection is required in most cases and must be configured individually to establish the connections
Our Solution

Whenever a new interface needs to be established, Medicom will upload a sample HL7 ORM and ORU from the outside facility to our interface builder.

  • HL7 messages are easily mapped using a point and click interface
  • Each clinic will only need a single mapping for all outside facilities
  • Medicom does not require facilities to establish VPN connections
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Transfers Aren't Always Successful

The Problem
  • While an HL7 interface may be established, clinics frequently have troubles with the HL7 message not returning images to the referring provider.
  • Referring physicians are often left looking for images on the InteleConnect portal or loading on a CD to view images.
Our Solution

Through ImageX, referring physicians have access to images ordered, directly in their EMR.

  • ImageX HL7 messages include a link to the images and prior images
  • HTML Viewer is an included feature that allows for images to be viewed on the web portal (can be accessed from anywhere), and loads instantly
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Manual Data Acquisition & Limited Access

The Problem: Disc Burning is Time-Consuming
  • Manual and labor-intensive to burn or ingest CDs; large healthcare groups burn over 750 discs per month
  • Reports are often printed to accompany a disc
  • Situations arise where discs are not received in time, or are not available for emergencies
  • Uploading from a disc to PACS can take up to a full business day, delaying a practitioners’ access to images
Our Solution: ImageX
  • Techs and providers can easily send images and reports to an outside provider using a send destination, including PACS
  • Automation features to fetch and retrieve relevant priors from other providers for upcoming appointments, and eliminates time reconciling between faxed reports and electronically sent images
  • Images and reports can be queried instantly, or pushed from outside providers in the event of an emergency
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The Problem: VPN Connections Can Get Messy
  • Studies sent through VPN or cloud sharing options may be missing files
  • Large healthcare groups need multiple VPNs established to outside providers, sometimes even over 50 separate connections are established, and over 1,000 studies are sent/received monthly
  • Reports are often faxed to accompany electronically sent images
Our Solution: UpLink
  • Send patients or external providers with an upload link that connects directly with ImageX
  • Can be integrated with existing patient portals to automate acquisition
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The Problem: Patient Access is Complicated
  • Patients need to obtain discs from providers to share their images
  • Patients need to fill out requests, and staff needs to manage the calls and requests
Our Solution: Patient Link
  • Patients are able to share and manage their own exams through a portal
  • Patient consents and release documents are managed automatically
  • Additional controls for when studies can be released to patient
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