Solutions for the Public Sector

With the Mission Act enabling Veterans to seek timely care in the private sector, Medicom enables clinical information to flow back to the VA for effective and timely continued care.

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Slow Image Exchange Processes

The Problem
  • The Mission Act gives Veterans the option to seek care in the private sector
  • The VA must facilitate access to images for patients seeking care or imaging services in the private sector
  • Diagnostic results, which are in the form of DICOM images and textual reports, also need to be couriered back to the VA for further patient care
  • Currently, these results are couriered in the form of CDs and DVDs, causing bottlenecks and delays in the continuity of Veteran care

Seamless Exchanges on Our Network

Our Solution
Medicom's Network
  • ImageX deploys a proprietary peer-to-peer network that would give the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Hospitals the ability to electronically exchange data with the community.
  • As a result, Medicom can be used as the single platform for exchanging medical images with any private sector facility designated as Trusted by a local system administrator.
  • This minimizes delays in the delivery of care and reduces the operational costs associated with seeing a veteran imaged outside of VA under the Mission Act.
Medicom's Platform
  • Plug-and-play interfaces through HL7, APIs, and FHIR
  • Standard integrations allow for automated reconciliation and record linkage
  • Does not store or host any VA PHI or PII on Medicom servers and is not a cloud-based system
VAMCs on the Medicom Platform

Medicom interfaces with commercial PACS and VistAImaging through an installation on a Virtual Machine at a VAMC or VISN data center. VAMCs can use Medicom’s platform to search for and share relevant prior images with VA Trusted Community Care providers:

  • A broadcasted search when the location of a patient’s information is unknown
  • A targeted search when specific and known patient information is needed

VAMCs can also push images to VA Trusted Community Care providers regardless of if they directly participate on Medicom’s Health Information Network.

Building a Network for the VA

How Does it Work?

The VA provided a list of private sector facilities it wants to connect with on Medicom. Medicom refers to this as an Outreach List. Medicom’s outreach process is designed to drive the highest value for VAs participating in the Medicom Network.

Facilities not on the Network:

  • Medicom’s local service and support teams work to establish connectivity with the requested community partners by approaching them to join as a free spoke for the VA.

Private sector facilities already participating in the Network:

  • Medicom will coordinate the connection between the facility and the VA.
  • This is conducted over a 30-minute call where the connection is added, tested, and designated as trusted by a local system administrator.

Medicom has over 100 service, sales, and support personnel nationally that are either employed by or sub-contracted by Medicom to conduct outreach to private sector facilities.

Connecting to the VA over Medicom comes at no cost to private sector facilities.

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